Our Story 

" Proudly Serving Calgary "


Meet Imamuddin Saifee, a proud Afghan man who immigrated to Canada with his family 30 years ago. Born and raised in Kabul, he learned the art of baking by following as a hobby.

Upon arriving in Canada, Imamuddin and his family settled in Edmonton, where he worked various jobs to support his family. However, he always retained his passion for baking and continued experimenting with traditional Afghani recipes in his spare time.

 Five years ago, he moved. As he approached retirement age, Imamuddin decided to pursue his dream of opening his bakery and bringing the flavours of his homeland to Calgary. With the help of his family and friends, he spent months perfecting his recipes and sourcing the finest ingredients from around the city.

Imamuddin's bakery specializes in Afghan baked goods, including varieties of cookies and meat pies and sweets. He is looking to serve customers from all over the city to taste the authentic flavours of Afghanistan, and Imamuddin takes pride in sharing his culture with his community.


" Baked For Perfection "
"From sunrise to sunset, we works hard to bring you the flavors of our homeland."